Termites Becoming a Bigger Problem in Chesapeake This Spring

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Termites are a big problem throughout Chesapeake and surrounding areas. They can quickly eat through the wood in sheds and other buildings and cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short time. In fact, termite damage can make it next to impossible to sell your home or business. Since termites tend to swarm in the spring, it is especially important to pay attention to termites during the spring and early summer.

What Damage Can Termites Cause

termite damageTermites are voracious eaters and one termite colony can eat through a pound of wood in a day. Many homes will be infested by more than one termite colony so the damage can add up quickly. Termites can cause structural damage to your home weakening floors and other areas of your home. Since the termites eat the wood on the inside of the home, you may not realize there is any damage until it is quite extensive. Some termites will eat the casings around electrical wires, which can cause a fire hazard. The biggest damage may be to the value of your home. You cannot sell a home or recover the value of the home until you have treated your home for termites and repaired any damage that they have caused.

What Are Signs of Termites

Signs of termites may not be noticeable on the inside of your home until the damage is quite extensive. Instead you should start looking on the outside of your home. Look at the foundation, you will see mud tubes going up the side of your foundation that are about the same width as pencil. If you break the tubes open, you will see termites inside of them. You may also see piles of discarded wings around your property if the termites have swarmed and set up a colony inside your home.

Signs of termite damage inside of your home include hollow sounding walls and wood. Squeaky floor boards are another sign of termite damage. You may also begin to see long grooves in the wood that is sign of the termite eating through the wood.

Dealing with and Preventing Termites

Termites are a common problem but it is important to deal with termites as soon as you suspect that have them. This can save you money in repairs. An exterminator can do an inspection and determine if you have termites. The inspection should also include a list of any areas that were damaged by termites and the repairs that need to be made. You can then begin the treatment and repair process.

You can also schedule regular termite inspections or have a treatment done as a way to prevent termites. Termite companies may offer a monitoring service that will include regular checks of the property so that treatment can begin before the damage can become extensive.