Bed Bugs Becoming an Issue in Northern Virginia and Prince William County

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Bed bugs are a growing problem around the country. In fact, officials have said that bed bugs are spreading throughout Prince William County. As bed bugs spread they can invade schools, businesses and government buildings. In fact, there has been protocol set into place in Prince William County in the event that bed bugs invade government buildings as they have in other locations.

Bed Bug Issues

Fortunately, bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases between victims, but they can cause itchy bites that will bother you. They can also cause serious allergic reactions in some people. The biggest issue with bed bugs is that they are very hard to treat. They can go up to a month without feeding, and they hide in places that are difficult to treat and find. Bed bugs can cause sleepless nights and it is easy to pick up bed bugs when staying in hotels or visiting buildings that are infested.

Recognizing the Signs of Bed Bugs

mattress with bed bugsMany people may not initially realize that they have bed bugs. They may mistake the bites for flea bites at first. The bites are itchy and small like flea bites. However, flea bites will appear in a random pattern, while bed bug bites are in a straight line since bed bugs will bite you multiple times during one feeding. Another sign includes bloodstains on the sheets as well as droppings in the bedding and on the headboard and wall near your bed.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are resistant to many treatments. They are hard to find and you may have a difficult time killing them yourselves. It is best to hire a professional to treat for bed bugs. In addition, you will need to wash all of your bedding in hot water and dry on high heat since this will kill all of the bed bugs and their eggs.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

Most people unknowingly bring bed bugs in their home in luggage. Be sure to thoroughly check your hotel room for signs of bed bugs before you stay and to keep your suitcase off the ground. You can also pick them up in the gym or in a building that is infested because they may crawl in your purse or gym bag if you put it on their floor.
Second hand furniture can also bring in bed bugs, as well as other insects. Be sure to carefully inspect any furniture before you buy it. You may want to treat it before you bring it in your home or quarantine it so that the insect do not come into your home without you realizing it.