7 Pest Control Tips For This Summer

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mosquitoWhen summer arrives, you just want to enjoy the outdoors. So, arranging a picnic or a barbecue is the perfect excuse not only to enjoy the good weather as well as to hang out with family and friends. However, with summer, you can expect lines of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, spiders, among so many others.

So, here are 7 tips to make sure that you can enjoy any outdoor activity without worrying about this pests:

#1: Block Your Home:

In order to pest control, make sure that you won’t let them invade your home or it will then be harder to put them away. So, repair any hole you might have and check if you have any gaps on doors and windows.

#2: Keep The Kitchen Cleaned:

Most pests are attracted to your kitchen. A simple pile of crumbs on the floor or on the counter can easily attract ants and other insects. So, in order to pest control, sweep your floors, wipe your counters, take out the trash regularly, and keep all the food well stored inside containers.

#3: Avoid Standing Water:

When you avoid standing water around your home, the first thing it will do is that you’ll control the mosquitoes. Although it may be somewhat difficult to find, you should check for leaks near your air conditioning unit, rain spouts, and even pick up all the toys in the backyard that have been scattered.

#4: Take Good Care Of Your Yard:

One of the things that tend to happen is that most people just don’t take good care of their backyards. So, eventually, they’ll start to be invaded by different pests. What you can do to prevent this from happening to you this year is to avoid your landscaping from overgrowing. If you don’t, it can easily be spotted as the perfect nest for many pests. Plus, you should also rake up debris, weed, and trim the trees and brushes you have near the house.

#5: Eat Your Fruit:

Besides it’s a good habit and a healthy thing to do, leaving fruit over the counter will simply attract a bunch of fruit flies. And it’s difficult to fight them.

#6: Store Your Firewood:

When doing pest control, you just can’t forget about termites and how they love wood. So, in case you have some firewood from the previous winter, make sure that it is stored away from the house. Plus, if you can store it above the ground in racks, even better.

#7: Meat Scraps:

When you have meat scraps, make sure that you allow 48 hours before you put it on the outside garbage. Meat combined with the summer heat may bring some nasty pests to your yard.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to pest control. However, when you’re having difficulties, make sure to hire a pest control professional.